Hellenic coin specs

1)HELLENIC COIN (HNC) uses the technology of lite coin again like bitcoin with different algorithms.

Hellenic Coin was created to be an aggressive store of value. With the world economies in flex and uncertainty, we want to provide the world with a currency that people can believe in that ,  backed by precious metals, carbon credits and leading crypto currencies, something that can't be issued.

2)Aggressive Value Creation Process

To counter the effects of volatility and inflationary pressures HNC will be the reserve crypto currency forging alliances with partners and institutions. A percentage of the reserve will include a basket of commodities such as gold coins and oil, a Crypto currency basket including Bitcoin, lite coin and Ethereum as well as a basket of central currencies including the US dollar, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen. As the price of HNC increases the reserve will be increased, this will be announced via statements made on our website. HNC as a group will begin a buyback program to reacquire and reprice the crypto currency that will be announced on this website as a part of our aggressive value creation process.

3)Number of coins to be fully issued

over lifetime: 100,000,000

Approximate number of coins in circulation:  30 Million

Number of coins to be mined: 40 Million